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In celebration of the 50th anniversary, Nichole (host) will be recording podcast episodes at the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) conference this year! This is a way for researchers to share their work with a broader audience.

Eldercare 101: A Conversation With Mary Jo Saavedra

As a practicing Gerontologist and Life Planning Counselor, Mary Jo Saavedra has a passion for empowering individuals of all ages to live their best lives. Her certifications include Certified Aging Life Care Manager, Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, and Certified Senior Advisor. Mary Jo’s book, Eldercare 101 available on Amazon and eldercarebook101.com, uses her 6 Pillars of Aging Wellbeing™ process to help readers know where to turn in times of crisis, have effective tools for caregiving, and understand how to empower older individuals to maintain independence, even at their most vulnerable. Eldercare 101 is a well-researched, organized, easy-to-understand guide for families in need of help as they care for their aging loved ones. Each pillar - legal, financial, living environment, social, medical, and spiritual - is explored by an expert and offers best practices and tips for evaluating choices, making decisions, and living well wherever the road may lead.


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Nichole Kain

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About your host: Nichole Kain is a residential universal design and aging-in-place consultant, her work is based in solid research and guided by a deep appreciation for the power of place and importance of personal choice. 

Nichole is the founder of Home and Place Project. With a background in occupational therapy, environmental gerontology, and training as a certified aging in place specialist, she helps homeowners, researchers, and business owners go beyond ADA to create beautiful and inclusive environments.

To connect, collaborate, or just learn more about Nichole and her work, please visit: www.homeandplaceproject.com 

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Nichole Kain