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Home and Place Project, LLC


Nichole Kain

Environmental Gerontologist

Owner: Nichole Kain, MA, OTR/L, CAPS
Master's degree in Gerontology (MA)
Occupational Therapist (OTR/L)
Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS)

Built environment consultant focusing on Universal Design strategy.
Podcast producer and host: Home and Place Podcast, creating cross-discipline conversations about aging and the importance of place.

With a deep appreciation for the power of place and importance of personal choice I help decision makers create homes and places that promote health and wellness throughout the generations.

Using my skills as an occupational therapist, gerontologist, and training as a certified aging in place specialist, I help developers build communities that enable people to stay in the home of their choice as they age. Combine this education and training with my deep passion for beautiful and thoughtful home design, you have a powerful advocate for creating cohesive places that promote healthy aging, intergenerational connection, and a thriving community.

Iā€™m on a mission to change the way we think about homes in America.
No more Peter Pan houses, building as if we will never get old.
— Nichole Kain

More about Nichole's unique education combination

Occupational therapists have rigorous education in physical and mental disease processes, as well as body mechanics. They are highly skilled at evaluating the unique way each person interacts with their environment while performing meaningful occupations of daily living. Occupational therapists provide individualized solutions for a client's present and future needs for aging in place. 

Gerontologists are highly skilled in the social/emotional aspects of aging. Gerontologists can help discover a client's emotional connections to place and assist in identifying the best home and place to age with dignity, independence, and safety. As an environmental gerontologist, Nichole is skilled at addressing the relationship between the older adult and their environment.

Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) is a specialty certification given through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). CAPS graduates have completed specialized training in universal design and home modifications for the built environment to support aging in place.

It all started when

my grandfather became ill. His name was Happy; he went by Hap. We adored each other! When I was in high school, he had a couple of little strokes (TIAs). I went with him to rehab and learned about occupational therapy. With the goal of being able to help people like him and families like ours, I decided to wholeheartedly pursue the profession. Happy passed away in 2001, I graduated from OT school in 2005, and then pursued a masters in gerontology.

I miss him every day.

I have dedicated my professional self to serving his memory, while staying true to my personal passions about the meaning of place and the importance of personal choice.

After a decade of helping people stay in their homes after an injury or illness, writing professional papers, teaching at the college level, lots of public speaking, taking a break to be a stay at home mom, and mustering the courage to start my own business... here we are!

I'm so glad you're here.

I offer a variety of services. Feel free to contact me at any time.


Young Nichole with Happy